Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My favourite cleaning cloth - 'white magic'

I don't remember where I got this from, whether I bought it or someone gave it to me, or know off the top of my head where you could get it from - I even forgot I had it until I sorted out a random box of bits that had hidden itself in the back of a cupboard.

But I love this cloth! I highly recommend it if you do find it.

It's a blue microfiber cloth that's ribbed on one side and flat on the other. The label informs me it's called White Magic.

Remembering the wonder that's google I found the company website

That should be able to lead you to where to find their stuff should you so wish.

I just cleaned my mirrors with it, and it ispretty magical. The mirrors had all those streaky marks on them from last time they were cleaned, plus a few stray splotches off toothpaste etc. (How does toothpaste go so far, by the way?)

All I did was polish the mirrors with this cloth - dry. No sprays or even water, and they came up sparkly! I couldn't get a picture to show you - my camera wouldn't focus on the mirror, just the bathroom in the reflection - but it really worked a treat.

I also cleaned the shower screen and polished the metal frame around the screen. The soap scum came off with just the dry cloth and a bit of scrubbing, but you can use water too. I find microfiber cloths work best only just damp, not saturated.

And don't use chemicals with them - it damages them and they actually become less effective. If you want to clean with something else, like disinfectant etc, wipe the surface down using a different cloth after you've used the microfiber one.

This cloth can be chucked in the washing machine to clean it, just don't use fabric softener - same principle as your bath towels; softener makes them less absorbent.

In my quest for chemical free cleaning, a cloth like this is my best friend!

I'm sure you can find other brands of microfiber cloths that work, but this one is good quality. It's quite thick and sturdy feeling, and it definitely works better than some el cheapo ones I've tried.

If I bought this myself, it probably wasn't that expensive because I rarely buy expensive cleaning products. But if someone gave it to me, thats a different story.... Will you excuse me if I blame pregnancy brain on my poor memory at the moment?

Off to clean my glossy kitchen bench tops with my magic cloth!


  1. Let me know if you find it in a shop Jess! Sounds great.

    1. I will - I've seen other products in the 'White Magic' range, just not this particular cloth. Let me know if you find it too, because I want to buy another one!


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