Saturday, September 8, 2012

Easy DIY Engagement or Wedding Gift: Personalised Photo Frame

Just choose or paint a photo frame - I used a gold 8x10 frame - and jazz up the inside, personalising it for the couple you are giving it too.

In a word processing program I made my page size 8x10 (or you could just create an 8x10 sized text box).

I copied and pasted a Bible verse I liked - in this case Love is patient, love is kind etc - chose a font I liked, and then copied and pasted that repeatedly until it filled the whole page. The final "Love never fails", I cut and pasted into it's own text box and made it larger to stand out at the end.

Then I inserted a blank white shape the right size for a 6x4 photo graph, and laid that over the text.

After I printed that out, I cut out the white shape so there is a hole for the photo.

Then I chose a piece of card in a colour I wanted for the mat, and cut out a hole for the photo, slightly smaller than the hole in the printed paper, so that it creates a border. I stuck the whole printed sheet down on the cardboard, lining up the cut outs, to reinforce the whole thing, and trimmed the cardboard down to the right size.

Then I used letter stamps and red ink to stamp the couple's name over the text.

If you have a good photo of the couple, you could put it in for them, but since I didn't I just left a gap for them to choose their own photo to go in. Pop in it the frame, wrap it nicely and off you go.

The possibilities are endless with this simple engagement or wedding gift - buy, paint or decorate any sort of frame you like; choose whatever verse, poem or words you like to fill the back ground; stamp names, dates, or anything you want over the top... be creative!

A variation of this is to create an 'I love you because' message board. Follow pretty much the same process - you can still leave a space for a photo - and just have the text "I love you because" printed or stamped prominently. Then give the frame with a liquid chalk pen or dry erase marker so that the couple can write messages straight onto the glass.

Happy creating!

Download the Love is... frame mat free printable as an editable Word file. The page size is A4 for easy printing, and the text is in an 8x10 text box. Just trim to the right size after printing.

For it to show up properly, you'll also need to install the free font from here - Pea Stylist


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