About Me

When I was a child I taught myself to ride a bike and to swim, just because I like the look of it and wanted to be able to do it. So with optimistic confidence, I jumped in.

I think we should all try to keep that childish confidence, and not let the fear of not succeeding hold us back.

That's how I try to approach my life - even when it's mostly trial and error and I feel like maybe I missed the orientation session when they gave out the rule book.

But every situation, every success and failure teaches me something new.

Marriage made me realise I maybe wasn't as patient, gracious and selfless as I thought I was. But love truly covers a multitude of sins!

I've learned that being a housewife isn't as easy as a Pinterest mood board.

And I'm pretty sure having a baby is the hardest thing I've ever done - physically, mentally, emotionally - and probably ever will do. Barring an expedition with Bear Grylls, maybe.

But if I can muddle through these things and some how come out ok, then maybe, just maybe I can do anything.

I've always liked to dabble in lots of creative things, and my natural inclination is to teach others... so if you feel like learning from someone else's success and failures, follow along as I jump in with both feet.   Or at least stick a toe in...

Life is not just the highlights reel Facebook and Pinterest makes it out to be - so I aim to learn be honest about my life; to find the joy in what Ive got; to ground myself in the love of God and my family; and enjoy the mess!

In case you want to know more about me here's a Countdown of random things....

10 random facts
  1. I was born on April fools day
  2. I've moved house more than 25 times... I stopped counting years ago
  3. I prefer to watch movies alone
  4. I love organising parties
  5. I love organising in general, but I can be messy about it so you wouldn't always know. Is organised chaos too cliched?
  6. My daughter will grow up not knowing her real name, because mostly I call her Bubs, Bubbie, Bubberson, Stinky pants, Shmumpshkin, Shmumpy...
  7. When I was a teacher I didn't like teaching years 8 and 9, and one night had a dream that my students were acting like monkeys and swinging from the furniture and I couldn't stop them. Probably not too far from the truth...
  8. When I was in school, I missed half of year 8 with glandular fever. And still went up a grade no problem. Obviously year 8 doesn't count for much, but I'll never tell the students that!
  9. I wish life was a musical and we could all spontaneously break out into perfectly choreographed dancing and song
  10. My husband and I have a Friends quote for almost every situation.

9 things I love
  1. laughing at my husbands jokes
  2. Ella's soft baby skin and milky breath
  3. the part of the day immediately after the sun set
  4. curling up in a cozy chair with a cup of tea and a good book while its raining outside 
  5. the feeling when you are just drifting softly in to sleep
  6. having my hair played with
  7. dancing - it's like the language of the soul. I can't necessarily do it, but I love watching others
  8. snow
  9. crying in sad movies 

8 things I want see or experience
  1. trek to machu picchu
  2. an active volcano
  3. ice skating on a frozen lake
  4. riding an elephant 
  5. crystal clear blue sea and white sand, just like in a magazine - does this exist?
  6. swimming with dolphins...even though I'd probably be scared...
  7. the pyramids in egypt
  8. a snowy christmas in Canada or the US

7 things I've never done
  1. sky diving, bungy jumping or any sort of leaping from great heights. (And unless there's a million dollars in it for me, I probably never will!)
  2. flown first class - someday
  3. made a pavlova from scratch - someday
  4. broken a bone - hopefully never
  5. eaten an oyster - hopefully never
  6. been skiing - someday
  7. been to a broadway show - someday
Morning faces with The Bubs
I love that little face

6 of my favourites
  1. Food: kettle corn
  2. Movies: The Notebook
  3. TV: Friends
  4. Music: Newsboys
  5. Season: winter
  6. Colour: red

5 things I can't live without
  1. my family
  2. my iPhone... Sad I know
  3. an outlet for creativity... Writing, creating, art
  4. alone time
  5. tea

4 things I believe
  1. God is love
  2. Jesus is the way 
  3. money isn't everything
  4. everyone deserves a clean slate

3 things I'm afraid of
  1. Heights
  2. Phone conversations
  3. Things I can't control

2 things I want to achieve this year
  1. finish 1 novel
  2. lose my baby weight + a bit more

1 thing I know for sure:
  1. I'd be nowhere without grace.
My little family - Me, Mr C and The Bubs.

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  1. Hi Jess - only just found you through Pinterest!! Love your blogs!


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