Saturday, September 1, 2012

Glass paints on jars

I recently bought a set of those glass 'stained glass window' type paints where you paint a design on to plastic and when it's dry you peel it off and stick on to a glass or window.

I discovered there was a reason this set only cost me $6 at the discount store. Most of the squeezy bottles didn't work - it too me a couple of paint explosions when the lids burst off to stop trying to force them into submission. I lost most of my black liner paint this way.

You can use a paint brush rather than the applicator lids on the bottles but it's not as easy and those designs turned out to be less than impressive. So I ended up just using the 4 colours out of the 10 in the set that worked properly and tried some abstract designs.

I stuck a few on a window but decided they looked too tacky like that. I don't have any kids around yet to blame them on either. So I was going to give up on my glass painting foray until I remembered all the glass jars I've been collecting for future projects.

Turns out what looked tacky on the window looks pretty cool on the jars.

Just shows you that nothing's ever a loss - if something doesn't turn out the way you expected, just change your expectations and use it for something different! That's the great thing about art & craft.

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