Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pillow case romper

We hosted a 60s/70s theme murder mystery night for my husbands birthday recently. And I wanted The Bubs to be in on the costumed act too.

The pattern for this cute pillow case romper is from Whimsy Couture and I just happened across the 60s theme fabric in Spotlight.

It was a pretty simple pattern and only took a couple of hours to whip up.

The pattern called for serging/overlocking some edges, but I don't have an overlocker, and it's only a costume so I'm not too worried about durability. I didn't even prewash or iron the fabric actually, which is a no-no. I only had a few hours to get it done and she only wore it for about 20 mins - enough time for everyone to see her and then she was off to bed.

The pattern includes instructions for adding either ruffles or a band to the bottoms. I chose to add the contrasting pink cuff.

And I just threaded a ribbon through the top to tie it up rather than sew a matching tie.

The only problem is, for a baby, you have to take the whole thing off for nappy changes. There are instructions for adding snaps, but it's shown on a short legged version. I guess you could do the same for the full length overalls, it would just take a lot more snaps.

They turned out so cute! I want to make some more for every day wear!

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