Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Shower Afternoon Tea


Food & Drink

We had way too much food of course, but it was all yummy. Favourites were the warm scones - plain with jm and cream, and cheese and chives with butter - and the cake pops. But the cake pops were so fiddly to make I dont think I can bring myself to ever do them again!

Tea, coffee, sparling wine, juice and lemon lime and bitters for drinks, in glasses with retro stripy straws. 

Games & Activities

- Guess the Jelly Babies in the jar on the way in the door
- Guess the baby details
 - Pass the parcel. Instead of just passing to music, each layer had an instruction like "pass to the woman who has had the most children". Some had a challenge, like diapering and dressing a teddy bear in 60 seconds. Each layer had a mini milky way, and the challenge participants won extra prizes like body products and homemade gifts like a mug cosie.

- Decorate onesies. A baby shower classic. We had fabric paint, fabric markers, stamps, fabric glue and precut fabric shapes. With that many options even the unartistic could easily make something.
Even my step-dad got in on the act when he came to pick my mum up.
He is artistic, though, and hand painted his.

- Celebrity baby faces. Teams tried to identify the celebrities from a combination of baby photos and clues.

- Baby Animals - name the baby for different animals from easy ones like Cat - Kitten, to more obscure like Platypus - Puggle!

- Make the Baby Face - I blew up and printed out pictures of my husband's and my faces, then cut out our features - eyes, ears, nose, mouth and eyebrows. Then guests combined these features and stuck them to paper to create a picture of our baby, adding in extra details like hair with textas. The results were hilarious, and I'm relieved to say our baby came out looking nothing like any of them!

- Favours

Feel free to "steal" any of my ideas. Hopefully I'll get my act together and put up some tutorials soon, but until then, if you want extra details, get in touch!

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