Friday, August 17, 2012

Tissue Holders

I made a few of these the other day for little gifts - I was going to make some more coasters, but realised I wouldn't have time so I was looking for something quick to whip up and these definitely fit the bill. 

I looked at this tutorial, and this one,  to get the basic idea and the right size and everything but came up with my own design in the different fabric prints. There are plenty of tutorials out there for inspiration.

These are pretty straightforward and easy, though they took a bit longer than the 10 minutes stated in the tutorial, mainly because of the cutting out and sewing together of different panels of fabric, topstitching and pressing them before sewing into the pocket. If you were just using one fabric it would be a lot quicker.

One tip I would have if you are joining strips of different prints, since I made this mistake, is to think about which way you join the fabric. When you sew the pocket together, the two short ends fold in to meet in the middle. Depending on how you joined your fabric, you will either get horizontal or vertical strips of colour. Fortunately mine turned out looking ok anyway, but I actually meant to for the strips to be oriented the other way! I blame the rush I was in... but honestly, this spatial weakness is always a problem for me in sewing!

An illustration if that wasn't clear - (maybe no one else needs this, but I should have thought about it more when I was doing it!)

- The short ends are folded in to meet in the middle.

  -- So if you join your fabric like the red, orange and green picture, you will get a finished holder with horizontal stripes. If you do it this way, check to see what it will look like and maybe use some thinner strips otherwise the balance of colours may not be in the right positions. Ie you might end up with only one colour visible on the bottom, when you wanted stripes.

  -- If you join your fabric like the pink, blue and purple picture, then you'll get vertical stripes in the finished holder. If you used three (or more) different prints, this is better for making sure you can see them all together.

Great little gifts and beginner sewing projects.

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