Saturday, August 31, 2013

Father's Look Away: a Gift idea that even be put together last minute

If you're a dad, stop reading. Especially if your name is Matt Costin! :)

Here's a thoughtful and even practical Father's Day gift idea that can even be whipped up last minute if you're not organised yet!

1. Super Glue: "you're the glue that sticks us together"

2. Tomato Seeds (we're planning on starting a vege patch): "Thanks for providing for me and helping me grow"

3. Daddy & Me pair of torches: "thanks for guiding our family and lighting up my life"

There are probably many other simple items and gifts you could do something similar with. Happy Father's Day-ing!!

** You could make this 'find-a-word' wrapping paper at home on your computer - or, bit late for Father's Day but good for other occasions, I can make it for you in my etsy store.

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