Sunday, October 10, 2010

What to do with Uncooperative Eyebrows

My eyebrows are a little bit crazy - they look thick, but really it's less individual hairs than you's just that all the hairs there are really long and a bit curly. So it's just a few hairs covering a lot of space.

Which causes problems trying to trim and pluck them - so often I plucked just one hair and got a big bald strip through by eyebrow....and even when they're neatly plucked, the little curly suckers like to flick up all over the place.

So the way I (attempt) to tame them these days is:

1 Pluck. I still pluck below the bottom line of where I want my eyebrow to be, but now I always check where the hair is going before I pull it out to make sure it's not one of the vital ones covering a whole space on it's own.

2. Trim. I used to be afraid of trimming - putting scissors near my eyebrows is a scary thought considering how much damage I can do with a simple pair of tweezers. But using an eyebrow brush, or sometimes an eyelash brush, I brush the hairs up and down, and CAREFULLY, trim the long curly ones. Sometimes hair by hair so I don't go overboard. And I only trim a little bit. If I cut them too short I get sparse patches due to the aforementioned lack of individual hairs.

3. Fill. I have been using an angled brush and brown eyeshadow to define and fill in my eyebrows. I just recently bought an Eyebrow Enhancing Duo Kit by ChiChi, which has an eyebrow powder and a wax in it. I like the wax because it helps all the hairs sit down flat and stay lined up together. I know you can use clear mascara but that doesn't always hold my hairs down so it just ends up looking 'crunchy' when the hairs spring up all covered in crusty stuff. Yuk.

Anyway, filling and defining my eyebrows has proved to be the best trick for neatening them - or at least giving them the appearance of neatness when nothing else works. It disguises the individual hairs so you can't see all the craziness going on there so easily.

Plus it's great for disguising bald spots!

Eyebrow Enhancing Duo Kit

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